Providing lasting benefits for Indigenous communities

Find out how Indigenous partnerships and leadership in Canada’s natural gas industry are fuelling prosperity for their communities — and the world.
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Creating opportunities for future generations

Indigenous lands are rich with natural resources and development potential. In Canada, resource development
is the foundation for economic reconciliation for many Indigenous communities.

Through leadership roles and partnerships within the Canadian natural resources industry, Indigenous Nations
are creating sources of wealth, jobs, and opportunities for future generations.

How does developing Canada’s natural gas
resources impact Indigenous communities?

Hear from Crystal Smith, Chief Councillor, Haisla Nation,
on the transformative impact natural gas has had on
her community.

Protecting culture and lands

Indigenous peoples play a central role in the sustainable
management of forests and other natural resources in
Canada. For generations, they have observed and protected
the environment and passed down their learnings.

By leading resource development in Canada, Indigenous
communities can preserve and protect their culture,
and protect their lands with the highest environmental
standards in place.

Supporting Canada as a global
energy leader

The global market wants access to Canada’s clean,
abundant natural gas, and Indigenous peoples are
ready to answer with energy solutions that position
Canada as a global energy leader.

We have emerging LNG industries on both coasts,
and we’re working hard to build our export capabilities
to benefit Canada, our Indigenous communities, and
energy consumers around the world.

Fuelling affordable energy

As partners of the natural gas industry, Indigenous-owned
LNG projects allow us to help people around the world
gain access to affordable energy.

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Facts about Canadian natural gas

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Canada’s natural gas industry provides steady employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous communities.


Indigenous leadership and partnerships in Canada’s natural gas industry ensure their communities can participate and benefit.