Natural gas is Canada’s leading residential energy source

Today, nearly 50% of all residential consumers rely on natural gas for heating, cooking, and fuelling appliances. From cold winter nights to backyard BBQs, natural gas is here to meet your energy needs.
Explore natural gas in your home

Eco-energy solutions for your home

Napoleon: Comfort you can count on

Enhancing daily living with natural gas

Meet Chris from Napoleon — an Ontario manufacturer innovating natural gas appliances to make family time at home even more enjoyable. 

Dettson: Right-sized furnaces for tight-build homes

Making natural gas heating equipment more efficient

Meet Jacinthe, Michel, and Philippe — Sherbrooke, Quebec-based manufacturers reimagining modern natural gas heating equipment for today’s energy efficient homes. 

Doug Tarry Homes: Built in all-season comfort

Heating high-performance homes with natural gas

Meet Doug and Jennifer from Doug Tarry Homes — an Ontario-based home builder integrating dual fuel HVAC systems for improved home comfort. 

Key facts

Natural gas companies work every day to deliver affordable, clean, and reliable energy to Canadians at home. Across Canada, the industry offers several programs and incentives to allow homeowners to take advantage of energy efficiency and equipment upgrades. More recently, Canadians have access to new lower emission supplies of gaseous energy including hydrogen and renewable natural gas.

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Abundant and On Demand

Abundant and On Demand

Canada has underground natural gas storage that can meet 60days of peak use (when energy demand is at its highest) — equivalent to 18billion home battery storage systems

One Million and Counting

One Million and Counting

Nearly one million new homes, businesses, and industries have joined the natural gas system in the last 10years

Perfect and Precise

Perfect and Precise

Natural gas delivers rapid and adjustable heat making it a preferred choice for restaurants, chefs, and home cooks

Warmth When You Want It

Warmth When You Want It

Natural gas fireplaces increase the value of your home and offer comfort during the colder months

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Facts about Canadian natural gas

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A boy and his father walking together on a trail between trees in a forest, both smiling, elevated view

Over 20 million Canadians use natural gas every day.

Happy family mother housewife and child   in laundry with washing machine

Canada’s natural gas industry supports over 50 cleantech companies committed to unlocking the next generation of energy technologies.