Driving innovation for a sustainable energy future

Across the industry, we’re collaborating, funding solutions, and working every day to make natural gas cleaner and more efficient.
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Canadians leading the charge

As we move forward, technology and smart deployment of private capital will be a cornerstone of our strategy. We will work with innovators, consumers, and the research community to align products and services for the next generation of energy consumers.

Have an idea to share with us? Know an innovator in energy? We want to hear from you. Please inquire about how we can work with you at info@fuellingcanada.ca.

Napoleon: Leading-edge natural gas appliances

Using smart technology to save energy

Meet Dave from Napoleon — an Ontario manufacturer producing innovative, energy-efficient natural gas grills, fireplaces and HVAC equipment.

CleanO2: The world’s first carbon capture soap

Making natural gas emissions cleaner

Meet Jaeson and Michelle — Calgary-based experts creating a carbon capture units for natural gas appliances that convert emissions into soap and other cleaning products.

Kinitics Automation: Smart technologies for cleaner air

Eliminating methane emissions from natural gas production

Meet Dean — a Vancouver-based entrepreneur transforming the way emissions are managed at natural gas production sites with a zero-emission solution.

Westgen Technologies: Reliable off-grid power generation

Reducing the natural gas industry’s carbon footprint

Meet Connor and Ben — Calgary-based technology experts delivering solar-powered solutions to achieve greener natural gas production across North America. 

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Cleaner future

Natural gas is the lowest emitter of greenhouse gases and air pollution compared to any other fuel source, and, in some places, even electricity.


Investment in cleantech R&D

Since 2013, $1billion has been invested into Canada’s energy efficiency programs, saving customers money and reducing emissions.


Decreases GHG emissions

When used as an alternative transportation fuel, natural gas lowers GHG emissions by 25% compared to conventional fuels.

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Creates energy from waste

Renewable natural gas is produced from organic waste from farms, forests, landfills, and water treatment plants. The gas is captured, cleaned, and injected into pipelines to be used in the same way as any other fuel.

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Facts about Canadian natural gas

Share these facts to help raise awareness and show your support for the natural gas industry.

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Natural gas will be the most relied on energy source in Canada by 2035.

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The natural gas industry is deploying technologies that reduce emissions across all its operations.