Canadian liquefied natural gas can help fuel the world

What is liquefied natural gas?

Liquefied natural gas, or LNG, is simply natural gas in its liquid state. When natural gas, a naturally occurring resource found throughout Canada, is chilled to a temperature of about minus 160° Celsius, it becomes a clear, colourless, odourless liquid. 

Natural gas is liquefied to reduce its volume (by about 620 times), making it easier to transport in large quantities across Canada and to other parts of the world.

We have the supply

Canada is the world’s fifth largest producer of natural gas. We account for 5% of global production and hold more than 200 years’ worth of supply in reserve. With the proper infrastructure in place, we can confidently share our reserves with the world.

We have the reputation

The LNG we produce is the cleanest in the world. Our regulations are among the globe’s most stringent and transparent, our workforce and supply chain members are extremely environmentally conscious and active, and our technology and innovations are driving the future. The world wants Canadian LNG. 

Our infrastructure is growing

We have emerging LNG industries on both coasts, and we’re working hard to build our export capabilities. We’re working with stakeholders at all levels of government and in the private sector to develop future-looking export strategies that benefit both Canadians and energy consumers around the world.

The benefits are clear

The world gets clean energy from a secure and reputable source. Canada gets more jobs, more taxes and local revenue, more and stronger Indigenous partnerships, and more and stronger partnerships around the world. We can do it.

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