Canadian natural gas fuels our food industries

Find out why natural gas is essential to Canada’s supply chain to grow, produce, and cook the food that we rely on and enjoy.
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Fuelling our agriculture

Natural gas is the primary fuel source that keeps our agricultural system moving, from fertilizing soil to delivering fresh fruits, veggies, and meats to our grocery stores and restaurants.



Healthy, plentiful crops wouldn’t be possible without nutrients from fertilizer. 

Natural gas is used to manufacture fertilizer right here in Canada.

As an affordable input, natural gas makes fertilizer less costly and more efficient for farmers. And innovations in natural gas are making it more environmentally friendly every day.  For example, renewable natural gas (RNG) is a sustainable alternative fuel that’s being made on Canadian farms. It’s produced using methane from manure and organic waste. Once treated, RNG is put back into the gas network to be used in the same way as conventional natural gas.


Natural gas fuels the heating systems in greenhouses that help grow the crops we eat through the colder months.

Many farm families also rely on natural gas to heat their homes and farm buildings.


Compressed natural gas provides a clean-burning alternative for the trucks and ships that deliver food to our grocery stores and restaurants.

By using sustainable fuel options, such as RNG in the form of compressed natural gas, food-delivery companies are doing their part to reduce emissions.

Fuelling our restaurants

Do you love Chinese food? How about flame-grilled steaks? Many restaurants across cuisines rely on natural gas to cook their food. It also helps keep their operating costs low.

Food startups grow and thrive with natural gas

How does natural gas fuel modern food startups?

See why Andrew Barnes, CEO of Coho Commissary, chose natural gas appliances for Vancouver’s newest and growing shared kitchen community.

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Facts about Canadian natural gas

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Professional Chef Tossing Food

Top chefs use natural gas for cooking your favourite meals.

Farmer Controlling Tomato Seedlings with Digital Tablet in the Greenhouse

Farmers need natural gas to heat greenhouses, provide fertilizer, and transport food across the country.