Learn the facts about natural gas

38% of Canada’s energy needs are met

by natural gas and its usage is growing with new customers added each year.*

584,000km of natural gas delivery lines 

help ensure Canadians can get the energy they need.*

200 years of energy in natural gas reserves

Canada’s supply of natural gas resources stands at 1,368 trillion cubic feet — that’s enough to last us about two centuries.*

How Canadian industries benefit from natural gas reliability

Napoleon: Enhancing daily living with natural gas

Meet Chris from Napoleon — an Ontario manufacturer innovating natural gas appliances to make family time at home even more enjoyable.  

Doug Tarry Homes: Heating high-performance homes with natural gas 

Meet Doug and Jennifer from Doug Tarry Homes — an Ontario-based home builder integrating dual fuel HVAC systems for improved home comfort.  

Hamilton Street Railway: Replacing diesel with natural gas

Find out why the City of Hamilton is using Canadian natural gas to fuel one of the greenest transit fleets in Canada.

What makes natural gas a reliable and resilient energy source 

Underground infrastructure

Natural gas is a reliable energy source due to its resilience in various weather conditions, which is largely attributed to its underground infrastructure.   

Being underground protects the natural gas system from the elements and helps ensure a consistent energy supply, even during extreme weather events that might disrupt other forms of energy production.
Moreover, Canada is abundant in natural gas reserves, with enough supply to last us more than 200 years.  

Canada’s underground natural gas storage facilities is capable of meeting 60 days of peak use, ensuring a stable energy supply even during periods of high demand. 

Supports quality of life

Reliable natural gas plays a pivotal role in sustaining and enhancing the quality of life across the country.  

Many Canadians rely on natural gas to cook and heat their homes and buildings, providing warmth and comfort during our chilly Canadian winters.  But did you know natural gas has other uses? 

For example, natural gas supports Canada’s food supply chain, facilitating the production and preparation of the food that Canadians depend on.

Natural gas is the primary fuel source for various agricultural processes, from soil fertilization to the transportation and delivery of fresh produce and meats to grocery stores. It also powers heating systems in greenhouses, which allows us to cultivate crops during the colder months.  

Reliable energy for essential services

The reliability of natural gas extends to more than 640,000 commercial customers, including hospitals, hotels, schools, and restaurants that depend on natural gas to facilitate essential services and amenities.

*Data from CGA Playbook 2023