Learn the facts about natural gas

in savings per year

Average savings for homeowners that use natural gas for space and water heating.*

$26,000 average customer savings

Over the life of natural gas heating equipment in a typical home.*

40%more savings compared to other energy sources

Canadians spend on average about 40% less on natural gas ($81/month) compared to electricity ($137/month) on their monthly utility bill.*

How Canadians benefit from the affordability of natural gas

Job creation

The natural gas industry plays a pivotal role in Canada’s economy by supporting over 40,000 jobs across the country. These jobs range from exploration and production to transportation, distribution, and support services. 

In addition to job creation, the availability of affordable energy from the natural gas industry offers Canada a competitive advantage in the global market.  

Affordable energy prices attract both domestic and international employers to invest and establish their operations in Canada. This competitive advantage makes Canada an attractive destination to do business — creating more jobs here. 

How does natural gas fuel modern food startups?

See why Andrew Barnes, CEO of Coho Commissary, chose natural gas appliances for Vancouver’s newest and growing shared kitchen community. 

How does natural gas fuel our skilled trades? 

Find out more about the uses for natural gas from Sean at Canada’s Building Trades Unions and Michael from United Association.  

How Canadians benefit from the affordability of natural gas

Lower costs and prices

Canadians benefit significantly from the affordability of natural gas in various aspects of their daily lives, beyond just lower energy bills.

One of the advantages is the lower costs for transportation. Shipping vehicles, which often carry substantial weight, require a cost-effective fuel source that is low in emissions.

Natural gas offers reduced emissions and expenses compared to other conventional transportation fuels. This not only contributes to cost savings for businesses, which can lead to better prices for customers, but also helps in reducing the overall carbon footprint of the transportation sector.

Fuelling food production

The affordability of natural gas also plays a crucial role in the agricultural sector.

Healthy, plentiful crops wouldn’t be possible without nutrients from fertilizer. Natural gas is used to manufacture fertilizer right here in Canada.

As an affordable input, natural gas makes fertilizer less costly and more efficient for farmers. And innovations in natural gas are making it more environmentally friendly every day.  For example, renewable natural gas (RNG) is produced using methane from manure and organic waste. Once treated, RNG is put back into the gas network to be used in the same way as conventional natural gas.

Many farm families also rely on natural gas to affordably heat their homes, farm buildings, and greenhouses during our cold winters.

Cost-effective cooking

Do you love Chinese food? How about flame-grilled steaks? Many restaurants across cuisines rely on natural gas to cook their food.

Natural gas is not only a top choice for cooking performance but also helps keep operating costs low, allowing restaurants to offer affordable and delicious meals.

*Data from CGA Playbook 2023