Choice matters to Canadians

8 out of 10 Canadians

believe it’s important for a home to have
more than one source of energy.*

84% of Canadians

believe they should have the right
to choose what source of energy they use.*

How Canadian industries are benefitting from natural gas as an energy choice

Why do chefs love cooking with natural gas? 

Find out why Chef Michael Blackie, Owner & Head Chef at NeXT, chooses Canadian natural gas.

Why do home builders provide energy options like natural gas? 

See how Doug and Jennifer from Doug Tarry Homes are improving home comfort by integrating dual fuel HVAC systems. 

How are energy efficient homes using natural gas? 

Learn how Jacinthe, Michel, and Philippe — Sherbrooke, Quebec-based manufacturers are reimagining modern natural gas heating equipment for today’s energy efficient homes. 

Natural gas provides Canadians with a reliable and affordable energy option

As our population grows and technology advances, our energy needs increase. Natural gas gives us a reliable energy option to stay warm, cook, and remain comfortable in our homes during any weather conditions.

Did you know? Most natural gas infrastructure is underground, offering protection from the elements and enhancing the resilience of our natural gas systems. 

Using a mix of energy sources that includes natural gas means you can save money. It also helps ensure that demand for a single energy source, like electricity, does not become unmanageable.

Did you know? Households that use natural gas for space and water heating save up to $2,000 a year compared to other heating sources.**

*Data from: Advocacy data research among 2,500 Canadians, conducted by Leger Data, from October 20 – November 7, 2022 & April 21, 2023.
**Data from ENERGY Magazine, Issue 2, 2019, Facts and Developments