About Us

Fuelling Canada is a resource hub for Canadians to learn more about natural gas and its essential role in the Canadian economy.

Our mission

Building understanding and education

Our mission is to drive positive conversation about natural gas and its role in the Canadian economy by showcasing leadership from several sectors that rely on natural gas for their operations. We have started our work by profiling natural gas companies specializing in cleantech, and lifestyle appliances and equipment.

As we expand our research, we will look at several other areas including agriculture, restaurants, municipalities, transit, and Indigenous energy needs.

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Our role

Supporting quality of life

Natural gas is an essential part of our everyday lives. From heating our homes to generating electricity to fuelling our gas-burning stoves and BBQs — Canada’s natural gas industry works 24/7 to ensure affordable, clean, and reliable energy for families and businesses.

Fuelling the economy

  • The natural gas industry employs more than 38,000 Canadians across the country
  • Low energy costs attract commercial and industrial employers and create more jobs

Reducing emissions

  • Since 2013, energy efficiency programs have cut GHG emissions by over 1.8M tonnes 
  • Innovations include hybrid heating, combined heat and power, and small-scale residential/commercial carbon capture
  • Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) provides grants to accelerate innovation in the production, transmission, distribution, and end-use of natural gas

Providing energy security

  • In 2020, Canada’s natural gas supply was available all year round
  • Our abundant natural gas supply will power Canadians for centuries
  • Natural gas will be the most relied upon energy source for Canadians by 2035

Our partners

Spanning from coast to coast to coast

Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs have been clear — natural gas is a foundation for their long-term success. Our partners include cleantech companies, equipment manufacturers, home builders, innovation funds, and energy youth and transportation associations.

We invite you to learn more about our partnership, and join us to build awareness among Canadians, by reaching out to us at info@fuellingcanada.ca.

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